Acrylic pantinGs

I aim to create warm, vibrant, whimsical images that celebrate family and community. My prints and paintings depict elements characteristic of my Oaxacan heritage, like masks and human figures in an exploration of themes of identity. As an artist I have a responsibility to others. My work must have a purpose. It has to give life and hope. The lines and colors must grace my pieces, and bring joy to the viewer. I use images of musicians, unicycles, birds, families, children’s toys, flowers and other elements of everyday life to create a sense of community and playfulness.

voces del silencio, 48 x 48, acrilico sobre madera.jpg

Works on Paper and wood

Fulgencio continues to enjoy making works on paper, despite dedicating most of his artistic efforts to his canvases. His passion early in his career was the woodcut, a technique that was passed on to him from his mentor, Professor Takeda. He later began to experiment, painting on top of the plates, using the carved plates like a canvas.


exhibitions and events

Fulgencio enjoys creating Day of the Dead installations at area community centers, schools and other venues, including at the Seattle Art Museum, where he just completed his 23rd year of celebrations.